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Local Online Marketing Solutions for Automotive Businesses, in Reach.

Whether you’re an OEM, dealer group or single-point auto dealership, you already know how valuable online advertising is to your business. What you may not know is that a locally-targeted Internet marketing campaign is the most affordable, effective and easiest way to bring more local consumers into your showrooms. We’ve run thousands of successful digital advertising campaigns for auto groups with multiple locations. So let us put our experience to work for your organization.

As a pioneer and leader in the local online advertising industry, we know how to create and manage integrated, multi-level Internet marketing campaigns that address your specific goals and needs. Whether you want national campaigns, regional co-ops or single-dealership strategies, we’ll work with you to find the perfect blend.

With Increase Your Leads Automotive Dealerships get:

  • Personal Attention. Automotive Dealerships get personal attention they deserve. With 12 years of automotive background we know the automotive industry 10 times more than any other advertising agency. Cobalt is too corporate. Give us 20 minutes of your time and we can show you how to increase your business by 30% and be more cost effective. With Manufactures Co-oping the cost in a Corporate situation, dealers are relying on the Manufacture to advertise for them which only increases the 90% lost opportunity the automotive industry faces every day.

  • Strong Brand Control. Your brand is your most valuable asset. So whether you need brand guidelines, best practices, web solutions or more, we’ll develop a program that delivers and protects your brand message consistently across all the locations you serve.

  • The Broadest Reach Online. We deliver best-in-class online advertising solutions and the deepest publisher relationships that put your brand in front of consumers at every purchase readiness level as they surf, search, and socialize online.

    • Why We Are Different. Our search engine advertising solution that covers 98% of the places North Americans search online.

    • Display Our display advertising network reaches over 90%* of US Internet users across thousands of their favorite national and local news, entertainment, lifestyle and automotive sites. And whether your potential consumers are spending time on a site that’s all about autos, or just surfing variety sites (like the local newspaper), Display Behavioral for Auto ensures your ad is seen by consumers who actually want to hear from you. Reaching the right audience at the right time has never been easier.
      *Estimate based on comScore and Increase Your Leads proprietary data.

  • Performance-Based Optimization. Built into every Increase Your Leads campaign is conversion-based optimization: technology that learns over time which sites and keywords drive the most conversions, then twice daily it automatically shifts more dollars towards those high-performing elements. The result? Better performance and higher ROI on your advertising spend.

  • Detailed Reports That Prove Performance. Monitor the ROI of your campaigns with deeply detailed reports that track all web activities and phone calls generated by your ads. See for yourself where your dollars yield more conversions, then apply those key learnings to different regions to turn up the performance for other campaigns.

  • The Power of Independence. By advertising directly to potential consumers online, you have more control over building your brand name and getting more exposure to stand out from the pack.
    Only Increase Your Leads offers automotive businesses like yours a chance to advertise directly to the consumer – not through a third party. Spend less for leads with the most efficient, local-focused marketing strategies available, and get the nitty-gritty breakdown of how your budget is bringing in more phone calls and visits with our detailed online reports.

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