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Local Online Marketing Solutions for Franchise Systems, in Reach.

We know what matters most to franchises because we work with many of the top franchise systems in the country. Controlling and protecting your brand is often easier said than done, and territory coordination is crucial. And these days, nothing could be more important to your brand and franchisees than advertising online.

Whatever your organization structure is, we’ll develop a program that lets you see how we deliver your brand message consistently across all your locations while driving more local customers to your franchisees. After all – we’ve run hundreds of successful campaigns for many large franchise systems with thousands of locations. So let us put our experience to work for your organization.

Get Increase Your Leads to get:

  • The Broadest Reach Online. We deliver best-in-class online advertising solutions and the deepest publisher relationships that put your franchise in front of consumers as they surf, search, and socialize online.

    • MarketingCast. Our search engine advertising solution covers 98% of the places North Americans search online.
      *Hitwise 2009

    • Display Our display advertising network reaches over 90%* of US Internet users across thousands of their favorite national and local news, entertainment and lifestyle sites.
      *Estimate based on comScore and Increase Your Leads proprietary data.

  • Integrated Media Plans. Whether you’re combining search and display advertising, local and national campaigns or online and offline advertising programs, Increase Your Leads will help you plan and execute an integrated program to drive maximum ROI.

  • Total Brand Control. Your brand is your most valuable asset. So whether you need brand guidelines, best practices, web solutions or more, we’ll develop a program that delivers and protects your brand message consistently across all the locations you serve. Now rogue websites can become a thing of the past.

  • A Truly Scalable Platform. It’s no secret that local campaigns drive better conversions, but developing and implementing a cohesive program that can be pushed across every market is a challenge. Our approach facilitates the process to ensure consistent performance by applying successful practices from one market to the rest of your organization. As your system grows, we’ll grow with you and continue to support you in the right way.

  • Consultative Service and Support. Our consultants work closely with your corporate executives to pinpoint internal goals across every department. Then, we stay in close contact for the duration of your campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency everywhere.

  • Detailed Reports That Prove Performance. Though we handle campaigns on a franchise basis, we give corporate decision makers a view into the entire system. Say for example, you want to find the number of inbound calls for a single store? Our detailed reports are available 24/7 so everyone gets the data they need when they need it. We even offer call recording so you can hear which calls resulted in sales!

  • True Territory Control. Multiple franchisees in the same market? No problem. We can set up co-ops or build other strategies to make sure calls and visits go to the proper locations so there are no encroachment issues.

  • Expert Guidance. Providing the marketing insight your franchises need from you is easy when you can direct them to a single source: Increase Your Leads. Our national brand teams put the right programs in place at the corporate level, and our Internet Marketing Consultants deliver it to each of your locations. Plus, our teams of online marketing specialists ensure top-to-bottom coordination so as you expand, so does your marketing.
    It’s easy to be even more of a hero to your franchisees with online marketing solutions from Increase Your Leads. Campaigns are automatically optimized to drive more calls and visits to the proper locations so franchisees are happier. Corporate-to-local strategies will protect your brand and keep it strong. And because we know prioritizing best interests at the corporate level lead to ultimate success at every franchise, we can foster trust throughout your franchise structure at both the national and local level.

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