Manufacturers and Dealers

Local Online Marketing Solutions for Manufacturers and Dealers, in Reach.

Manufacturers with dealerships in multiple locations need Internet advertising solutions that address specific marketing needs. Controlling your brand message is vital. And inconsistent adoption rates across many locations can produce strategic challenges for everyone. At Increase Your Leads, your dedicated team will help your organization protect and harness the full potential of your brand, successfully navigate territory concerns, and bring more purchase-ready local consumers to your dealers. After all – we’ve run hundreds of successful campaigns for many large manufacturers with thousands of dealers. So let us put our experience to work for your organization.

With Increase Your Leads, manufacturers and dealers get:

  • Total Brand Control. Your brand is your most valuable asset. That’s why we’ll develop and deliver a fully integrated plan that protects and promotes your brand message consistently across all the locations you serve.

  • Dedicated Brand Team. Coordinating your online initiatives is easy with a dedicated team of local and regional marketing consultants, plus an account management team that builds, manages and monitors campaigns in accordance with your unique brand policies.

  • Corporate Cohesion From the Start.
    Increase Your Leads closes the distance between manufacturer/OEM and dealer because we know that uniting forces makes for a better business relationship - and an even stronger overall marketing strategy.

  • The Broadest Reach Online. We deliver best-in-class online advertising solutions and the deepest publisher relationships that put your brand in front of consumers as they surf, search, and socialize online.

    • MarketingCast. Our search engine advertising solution covers 98% of the places North Americans search online. Plus, your dedicated team will even help draft and police your sensitive search marketing policies to establish standards for keywords, text ads and landing pages.
      *Hitwise 2009

    • Display Our display advertising network reaches over 90%* of US Internet users across thousands of their favorite national and local news, entertainment and lifestyle sites.
      *Estimate based on comScore and Increase Your Leads proprietary data.

  • An Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy. We’ll not only create online ad campaigns using rich media and emerging platforms, but we’ll take the time to educate your dealer network on optimal online strategies through demonstrating the competitive advantages of each.

  • ReachROI™ Suite & Reports. Monitor & track the performance of your campaigns with deeply detailed reports that even record phone calls generated by your ads. See for yourself where your dollars yield more conversions, then apply those key learnings to different regions to boost campaign performance, direct mail programs and ongoing sales training programs for your dealers.

  • Ongoing Optimization. Using our years of online advertising experience and proprietary technology, we optimize your campaigns twice daily to focus more of your budget on the keywords and sites driving the most conversions. The result? Better performance from your advertising and higher ROI.
    At Increase Your Leads, we’ve customized marketing solutions for many of the nation’s leading manufacturer/dealer organizations, so we know how to solve your unique digital advertising needs. Strengthen and protect your brand. Communicate easily between the corporate and dealership levels. Move more units by advertising to more local customers. We'll show you how.

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