Multifamily Groups

Local Online Marketing Solutions for Multifamily Groups.

You need to rethink the way your multifamily group advertises online. The majority of potential renters search for local apartments online and you know you’ve got to get your services listed out there. But there’s an effective way to make your name and properties stand out from the rest. With Increase Your Leads, your ads get seen on search engine results pages sooner and send potential renters directly to your website. The result? A higher conversion rate and better cost-per-lead than with an ILS.

With Increase Your Leads, Multifamily groups get:

  • The Power of Independence. Why do you share a budget with your competitors – especially when you know that your name gets listed next to theirs? You need to advertise directly to potential renters online so that you have more control over building your brand name and getting more exposure to stand out from the pack.

  • Consultative Service and Support. Because Increase Your Leads is a leader and pioneer in the local online advertising industry, your dedicated local Internet Marketing Consultant can put years of experience running thousands of local campaigns to work for your multifamily group.

  • The Broadest Reach Online. We put your brand in front of potential residents as they surf, search, and socialize online.

    • MarketingCast. Our search engine advertising that covers 98%* of the places North Americans search online.
      *Hitwise 2009

    • DisplayOur display advertising network reaches more than 90%* of US Internet users across thousands of their favorite national and local news, entertainment and lifestyle sites.
      *Estimate based on comScore and Increase Your Leads proprietary data.

  • Smarter Spend. Our technology automatically shifts more money to the keywords and websites that drive the most calls, emails and online applications directly to your property website. And with MarketingCast, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad for the ultimate in cost efficiency.
    Increase Your Leads provides multifamily groups like yours to get you a chance to advertise directly to the consumer at the local level so you can stand out with a greater chance of appearing on the front page of Internet search results.

Get ready to see what Increase Your Leads can do for your multifamily group!

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