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National Services

Your national marketing strategy executed at the local level, in Increase Your Leads.

The policy of winning locally to win nationally is the best if you are responsible for marketing a national brand across many locations.It is easier said than done. We have the know how of promoting a powerful brand message. We synchronized execution, and a better user experience for your end customer. Here’s how we do it:

  • Strategic Brand Control - We project ourselves as your “brand police,” making sure of consistent adherence to your brand standards. We develop messaging content and ban nasty websites .We do everything to protect your brand.

  • Holistic Strategy - – We provide strength to your brand while offering concrete ROI to your local stakeholders.

  • Online Marketing Territory Mapping - Our strategy and tactics takes care of the territory conflict effectively and make sure that all your locations have full market coverage.

  • Co-op Coordination - As per your territory mapping, we coordinate and organize co-op buying groups from various markets.

  • Local Billing - We can bill participating location owners at the local level in spite of them being e part of a co-op buying group.

  • Limitless Scalability - Our patent pending automated technology and a core team of industry veterans supports your growth.

  • Custom Reporting - We keep you informed with 24/7 access to all local reports and custom roll-up reports meant for your unique requirements.

  • Offline/Online Spend Optimization - offer TotalTrack™ a tracking solution which allows full ROI accountability from all your advertising mediums either online or offline.

  • Integrated Online Media Plans - Wherever targeted and potential new customers are searching, surfing, or socializing online, we keep you in front of the right person at the right time with a media plan that puts the entire online advertising system to work for you.

  • Customer Mapping: - We map your customer base and develop a program specifically designed to target the market area that captures those consumers.

  • Local Listing Audit: - We help in auditing each of your locations’ business listings, then start a program to update those listings with recent information.

  • Telephone Performance Reports and Coaching: - We analyze and evaluate each locations’ performance answering phone calls, and check they are following a script or not. We can then help put into place a training program based on the analysis and offer updated user grades.