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Advertising Accountability, in Increase Your Leads

How can you check that the money you’re spending on advertising is working?

We offer MCTrack which is an easy-to-use tool tracking the performance of all your online and offline advertising, including radio spots, billboards, display creative and more. By adding a trackable phone number or URL – or both – to your traditional media, you can determine the success of all your marketing efforts, hence make better marketing decisions and take dollars towards the ads that drive the business.

MCTrack: Phone

Now you can hear how your campaign is performing with a MCTrack phone number. You get full reports pinpointing the time, duration and caller ID of each and every call. You can also hear your team conversing with customers offering you new training opportunities.

MCTrack: Web

Now you can explore which campaigns are performing better, like:

  • Number of Website visits

  • Number of Page views

  • Amount of Emails sent

  • Stats of Web forms sent

Our Reverse Proxy technology provides reporting without having to make additions to, modify or even touch your existing website. Consumers see the site you want them to see, and you’ll still get all the performance data you need to make necessary budget decisions.

MCTrack: Phone + Web

Providing you the best of both worlds. As you know every dollar counts, you can observe what every dollar is doing for you with our detailed reporting, available online 24/7. View phone and web tracking data side-by-side for management of your marketing strategy completely.


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